Three principles for choosing long handled tools

long handled tools
For those who love flowers, there is a well-equipped and fully functional flower-cultivating device, which is very necessary for flower cultivation. As the saying goes, sharpening the knife does not mistake the woodworker.
Choose tools(long handled tools) based on the flowering environment.
Different flower-raising environments also have different requirements for gardening tools. Flower growers need to be equipped with flower stands, flower pots, watering cans, grafting knives, pruning shears, and soil shovel. Due to better lighting conditions and many varieties of flowers and trees, there are some relatively tall trees. Therefore, there are gardening special trim saws, high branch saws, folding saws, fruit cutting shears, handicraft scissors, high branch shears, hedge trimmers, and ring cutters. , sprinklers, trim saws, high branch saws, folding saws, grafting knives, etc. If it is not used frequently, some of the tools can be reused, and fruit cutting scissors and handicraft scissors can be relatively reduced. When trimming tall branches, you can use the ladder to trim directly after climbing.
Practical and aesthetically pleasing.
Some tools are designed to look great, but they are actually not practical for home gardening enthusiasts. For example, one of my flower friends bought a beautiful flower pot from a famous brand furniture store at a very high price. After returning home, I found that even the basic drainage holes were not available, and there was no way to raise flowers.
Purchase equipment is not subject to one purchase, and extravagance is wasted.
Many people who are learning to raise flowers have a bad habit, that is, in daily maintenance work, it is best to purchase flower-making equipment in batches. You can purchase all the necessary items first, such as flower pots, soil shovel, etc., while other construction tools can be added at any time according to the flowers you choose.
Although the tools are important, the quality of the tools is not necessarily related to whether the flowers are flourishing or not. If you can use your brains and turn yourself into wastes from some of the waste products, it will better reflect the "primitive fun" of the flower growing process.