If you want spring to fill the garden, you need a garden tool set

Everyone wants a natural scene in their home, and they want to have a small world full of spring. Well, just enthusiasm is not enough. Whether it is soil loosening, water control, or pruning, there are corresponding gardening tools. For novice flower fans, a complete set of garden tool set not only makes it easier to grow flowers, but also allows us to enjoy the joy of planting.

Shovel tool
It is definitely not easy to plant beautiful flowers in pots or gardens. Every time you plan to shave by hand, you will inevitably make your hands dirty, so a suitable gardening shovel is very important. With them, daily planting work becomes easy.

Carbon Steel Border Spade
The steel shovel is made of white steel with mirror-polished coating to protect the shovel body from external corrosion and is durable. Ergonomics focuses on the handle design, making it feel more comfortable and enjoy a comfortable gardening life. Suitable for soil excavation, loosening and cleaning.
 • 950mm Length
 • Traditional british style design, ergonomic and comfortable grip sense, garden tools quality conform to BS3388
 • High quality carbon steel head with durable coating
 • Natural and sturdy ash wooden handle
 • Ideal for digging, cultivating and soil turning in borders and garden beds
 • Provide OEM, ODM and customization service

Stainless Steel Hand Trowel
Made of high-quality hardened steel, one-piece manufacturing, streamlined design, durable and continuous handle. Pure steel handle, flexible and light, suitable for pot transplant. Humanized design, reasonable handle thickness, more comfortable use experience.
 • 335mm Length
 • Traditional british style design, comfortable grip sense, garden tools quality conform to BS3388
 • Rust resistant stainless steel head with premium polishing treatment
 • Natural and sturdy ash wooden handle
 • Ideal for planting small plants, cuttings and seedlings, digging small holes, weeding, transplanting and mixing in fertilizer or other additives
 • Provide OEM, ODM and customization service

Pruning tools
Of course, after planting a variety of green plants, the pruning and leaf-removing work in the later stage is definitely indispensable. If you want green plants to maintain beautiful plant shapes, vegetables and fruits in vegetable gardens, and flowers to compete for beauty, then you must remember to regularly pruning and trimming leaves for plants.

Watering tools
Water is particularly important in the process of plant growth. Of course, water is also a raw material for photosynthesis, and it will also take away a lot of heat from the plant under transpiration. To maintain the normal temperature of the plant and maintain life activities, a large amount of water must be added. Moisture.